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DomuSpect is developed by the Danish company IOSPECT ApS. IOspect develops software for mobile devices that help optimize workflows that were previously cumbersome and time consuming. Our framework is based on a general need within an industry or market, but we also develop applications according to customer specification.

Thus, we offer both the uniquely developed app and industry solutions. Across industries, a lot of time is spent on checklists, calculations, worksheets, listing matters on-site and other administrative tasks. With our Apps you save time in the office, at the customer and on-site. Our Apps ensure that there are fewer errors and omissions because you follow an intelligent checklist.


Jan Høilund Christensen
CEO & Co-founder 
Sales & Partnerships

Jakob Conway-Blake
CMO & Co-founder
Marketing & Development

Jonas Lykke
CTO, Lead Developer & Consultant

Jonas Margon Jeppesen
Customer Success Manager

Daniel Lysgaard Frost

Fynn-Rasmus Lange
Country Manager Germany

In addition to our team, we have freelancers based in Denmark and abroad. Former co-owner and Co-founder Kenneth Kaiser Kudsk is affiliated as a consultant in software development. We are always looking for talented new brains who can do everything we cannot – if you need an internship or are looking for a job in programming, sales or marketing, write to us at or gives us a call: +44 20 3936 1288 

In general about our apps:

  • Easy and fast documentation on-site.
  • Easy and clear checklist that ensures high accuracy
  • Sign the report on-site and send pdf directly to the client and to your office
  • Professional report with photo documentation
  • Save time on-site and in the office
  • Ensures that everything is checked and documented
  • Free to download and install
  • Surprisingly affordable subscription plans
  • Optionally pay as you go