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Digital tenancy agreements

To make your job easier and more simple, we are collaborating with a company which provides digital tenancy agreements.

If you have or consider having an Enterprise subscription, you get a huge advantage – free of charge. As an Enterprise subscriber, you get access to unlimited digital tenancy agreements as a result of our collaboration.

If you open an account with our collaboration partner, you get:

  • Unlimited properties
  • Unlimited digital tenancy agreements
  • Unlimited digital signatures

If you have an Enterprise subscription at DomuSpect, you get all of this on top of your subscription.

We open an account for you when you activate your Enterprise subscription – contact us for more information.

However, you should note that this is not an integration to DomuSpect. Rather, it is a stand alone system which handles tenancy agreements, screening of tenants, stores documents and digital signatures.

Collaborations between DomuSpect and chosen partners provides you with the best digital tools to handle your tenants and rental properties.

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Make your rental process more efficient with our collaborations

With digital tenancy agreements and digital signatures, you do not have to consider the practical aspects:

  • Make your rental process more efficient
  • Use less time on tenancy agreements
  • Avoid mistakes in tenancy agreements
  • Efficient handover and signature process
  • Follow the placement and status of the tenancy agreement
  • Agreement management that complies with GDPR

Make your rental process more efficient

Avoid mistakes in tenancy agreements

If there are any mistakes in the tenancy agreement, it can be costly in both time and resources. Create a digital tenancy agreement which automatically enters valid information collected specifically for you.

Handover and signature process

The flexible agreement flow makes it possible to handle tenancy agreements on behalf of yourself or a 3rd party – both regarding the approval process and the signing process. Our NemID / Digital signature makes the signature process easy and quick for Danish tenants and expats.

Create tenancy agreements with digital signatures

Save time on creating tenancy agreements and avoid expensive mistakes. Our collaboration partner developed a smart and secure system which makes it easy for you to create, send and sign digital tenancy agreements. And, of course, it is GDPR approved.

Download DomuSpect free of charge:

As an Enterprise customer at DomuSpect, you have the benefit of the collaboration between ourselves and specific partners. Do you still not use Denmark’s easiest digital moving reports – DomuSpect? Download the app today, create a user, and call us to become an Enterprise customer. Then, you can benefit from our collaborations. Read more about DomuSpect – digital moving reports here.