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DomuSpect 4.0 is ready for download

We are very happy that DomuSpect version 4.0 is ready for download – both in App Store and Google Play Store!

Thus far, DomuSpect 4.0 is the biggest update, and we have spent a lot of time trying to make digital moving inspections both better and easier.

A new feature in version 4.0 is the possibility of reusing the data from a moving in inspection for a moving out inspection, online backup and flexibility between Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, we have changed the user experience to make it easier to create moving inspections, and added new ways of using the app. We’re hoping that the new app is received positively by our dedicated users.

But let us take a look at the most important updates in version 4.0:

New features in version 4.0

  • You can sync all cases and their content across platforms.
  • You can sync and backup photos.
  • You can edit photos after they have been taken or selected for the report.
  • You can receive push messages.
  • UK version of the app – and much more  

Changes in version 4.0

  • UI Overhaul.
  • UX Overhaul.
  • Registration for electricity supply: Forwarded by API instead of email.
  • Possibility of colouring the blueprints.
  • Complete conversion of the app to the new platform.

NOTE: As a result of the conversion to the new platform, all of your old cases, including content, will be deleted unfortunately. Did you forget to backup all of your old cases before you updated the app? If so, check the ‘sent’ folder in your email. Most likely, you have sent all of the moving inspections to the tenant, and therefore, you might be able to find them unless you have deleted the emails in your ‘sent’ folder.

If you have purchased any cases (which you need to make inspections), these will be transferred to the new app.

Your user from the old app (your login information) also applies to the new app.