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Three tips for digital property management and replacement of tenants

Do you work as a property manager? If so, you know about all of the work that appears every time a tenant terminates their tenancy agreement and a new tenant moves in.

Continue reading to learn how you, as well as other property managers, can facilitate the work of replacing a tenant with a new one.

Three digital solutions for property management

Have you considered whether digital tenancy agreements could be a solution for you? And have you heard of DomuSpect which makes your moving inspections digital?

Maybe you already have a software for organising the rental properties you manage? Otherwise, it might be time to digitise if you are the head of an organisation with multiple rental properties.

In the following, we will delve into three digital solutions that might facilitate your work with management of flats and houses.

1. Use digital tenancy agreements

The days where tenancy agreements were on paper and signed with a pen are over. By now, there are much easier and smarter ways to do this.

If you use our Enterprise subscription, you get digital tenancy agreements and other useful features. For example, you get access to a software that handles digital tenancy agreements including digital signatures – both for you and the tenant. Furthermore, you can check up on your tenants and store your documents and tenancy agreements.

If you have not tried digital tenancy agreements yet, you should. It is easy, and it can save you a lot of unnecessary work.


2.  Make your moving inspections digital

As a property manager you must conduct moving inspections. Every single time a tenant terminates their tenancy agreement, you have to conduct a moving out inspection and a moving in inspection. This doesn’t change if you use our app DomuSpect.

However, the way you conduct moving inspections and create moving reports change with DomuSpect. It can be done digitally and very efficiently.

In practice, you use DomuSpect when you go through the rental property with the tenant. Here, you use the app step-by-step which ensures that you type in all of the needed information as well as attach photos. 

When the inspection is finished, DomuSpect automatically creates a PDF report. This applies to both moving in and out reports.

Using DomuSpect for digital moving inspections make property management easier and more efficient.

3. Use a digital platform for property management

Are you the manager of multiple rental properties? If so, you might find multiple benefits from using a digital platform developed for this exact purpose. A platform such as Proper is developed to collect and keep data about the rental properties you manage, and thereby, your management of properties becomes completely digital.

As an added bonus, all of your moving in and out reports can be added directly to Proper if you use DomuSpect for moving inspections.

Digital solutions are the future – even in property management.