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3 tips that makes it easier to manage flats and houses

Do you rent out one or more homes? Or do you handle the management of flats and houses for multiple landlords?

When you work with management of flats and houses, there are several digital resources that can facilitate your work. For instance, have you considered digital tenancy agreements? Or, have you considered investing in a system that makes your moving inspections digital and much easier to conduct? Here, we present three suggestions as to how it can become easier to work with management of flats and houses.

How to make management of flats and houses easier

As a property manager, there are multiple administrative tasks that need to be handled. For example, you have to charge rent every month, and make sure that various reminders and notices are sent out to the tenants. If a tenant terminates their tenancy, a series of administrative tasks follow.

Amongst other things, you need to make a moving out statement, the apartment needs to be refurbished, multiple moving inspections need to be conducted, and when you have found a new tenant, you need to create a tenancy agreement.

Below, we suggest how you can make your property management easier and less time consuming by digitising.

1. Use digital tenancy agreements

Do you still print tenancy agreements on paper and send them by post to get a tenant’s signature? If so, you might find advantages with digitising. You avoid printing out tenancy agreements, as well as you avoid the process of having the tenancy agreement signed by the future tenant.

Our Enterprise subscription offers digital tenancy agreements which enables you and the tenant to sign the lease digitally. You can follow the process from your office which ensures that you move on with the report as soon as the tenant has signed the tenancy agreement.

The digital tenancy agreement ensures that they are formulated correctly and thereby, you avoid any mistakes. The tenancy agreements are created in collaboration with a lawyer which means that they are legally correct. Digital tenancy agreements are a cheap, inexpensive and smart way to optimise your management of flats and houses.


2. Invest in a platform for your management of flats and houses

There are multiple platforms which can facilitate your job as a property manager. For example, Proper. Here, you can control payment of rent, manage tenancy agreements, but you can also control the communication regarding your rental properties.

If you manage a large number of rental properties, it will be almost impossible to keep track of everything unless you invest in some kind of platform for your management.

3. Perform digital moving inspection

When you need to conduct a moving in or out inspection, you can save a lot of time by doing it digitally. You still need to send a representative, but all of the paperwork can be handled digitally. With DomuSpect, you enter all of the important information about the rental property. In fact, you are guided through a checklist step-by-step which ensures that you do not forget any information.

The report is created automatically when the moving inspection is conducted. Then, you can forward it to the tenant and the craftsmen who handle the refurbishment. In fact, you and the tenant can sign the report on-site.

Have fun optimising your job as manager of flats and houses!