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How to easily create a moving in report

If you work with management of flats and houses, you probably know the term ‘moving in report’. A moving in report must be created every time a tenant is replaced which happens from time to time regardless of the type of rental property.

Do you want to optimise your time so you can handle the other tasks on your list? If so, continue reading as we explain how you can make it easier to conduct moving in inspections and create moving in reports.

Conduct moving in inspections efficiently and easily

At DomuSpect, we have developed an app that makes it easy for you to manage moving in and out reports. When you are in the rental property with the tenant, you open the DomuSpect app and immediately access a template for a moving in report.

The app takes you through the moving inspection step-by-step. Once you have completed all of the steps, the moving report is created automatically when you tap ‘PDF’.

The process is the same when you create a moving out report. DomuSpect is developed in a manner that makes the app suitable for both landlords and letting agencies. In short, you can use the app every time a tenant moves in or out of a rental property.

Template for moving in reports – we’re making it easy for you

DomuSpect is developed to make it easy to manage when a tenant moves in or out of a rental property – you can save a lot of time on these tasks.

If you want to try DomuSpect, feel free to contact us. It is easy, inexpensive and smart. Call us on +44 2039 361288 or send an email to

Moving in reports for moving inspections?

You can easily and simply create moving in reports during moving inspections. That is if you use DomuSpect – digital moving reports.

You can try the app for free, at your own pace and at your own convenience, and you can cancel at any time – create your first digital moving report today.

DomuSpect can be downloaded on your tablet or iPad free of charge which allows you to test how easily a moving report can be created.

The only chance you have to take is the time you spend on trying the app. There are no start-up fees, no minimum contract term or other nonsense, and when you download DomuSpect, there are 2 free reports which means you can try creating a moving in and out report without limitations. When you have used the two reports, you can still create reports, but limitations might appear until you subscribe to one of our packages.

You can call us at +44 2039 361288 and check if we can provide an offer for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remember the important information in your moving reports

Moving in reports that are missing information are no fun. Therefore, DomuSpect takes you through a checklist which ensures that you remember all of the important information. Thus, you can focus on the inspection with the tenant.

When you have described the condition of the rental property, all of the data and photos are collected in a moving in report which you can forward to the tenant as a PDF-file. Both you and the tenant can sign the report on your iPad or tablet, and when the report is finished, you can forward it to the tenant, your office or the craftsmen who have to handle the refurbishment.

Having photo documentation of the rental property’s condition when a tenant moves in is a good idea. With DomuSpect, you can take photos as you go through the rental property, and they are automatically included in the finished moving report.

Our prices are very affordable compared to other solutions on the market.

If you want a presentation of how to use DomuSpect, check our How to videos on YouTube.

Below, you can download DomuSpect free of charge. When you use the app the first time, you receive two reports without limitations, and when you have used them, you can still create reports but limitations might appear until you subscribe to one of our packages.

If you want more information about DomuSpect, you can always call us on +44 2039 361288. Getting started with DomuSpect is very easy – download the app, open it, and you are ready to create your first moving report.