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How to easily create a digital moving out report

Has one of your tenants terminated their tenancy agreement? If so, remember to conduct a moving inspection and create a moving out report in time. Doing it digitally is both easy and extremely effective.

Furthermore, you are ensured that your moving out reports are in line with the legislation. Continue reading to learn how a digital moving inspection is handled.

Legislation – what to keep in mind?

First and foremost, if you have more than one rental property, you are obligated to conduct a moving inspection and create a moving out report within two weeks of the termination of the tenancy agreement.

If you own one rental property, you still have to conduct a moving inspection and create a moving out report, but you are not limited to two weeks following the termination of the tenancy agreement.

Templates for moving out reports – what should they contain?

When you conduct a moving out inspection with a tenant, it might be advantageous to have a checklist for moving out reports. This means that your inspection is organised, and that you remember all of the important information.

Including photos is not mandatory, but it might be a good idea. Especially, if you find flaws and deficiencies which should be repaired before a new tenant moves in.

DomuSpect is an easy and efficient solution for creating digital moving out reports. In the app, you find a checklist for moving out reports which can be used for your moving inspections.

When the inspection is finished, the app automatically creates the moving out report as a PDF-file. If you want to attach photos to your report, this is easily done with DomuSpect.


Signatures – who needs to sign the report?

Signatures are required whether you choose to make a digital moving out report or not. Both you, the landlord, and the tenant, who has terminated the tenancy agreement, must sign the report. If you use DomuSpect, you can sign the report at the end of the inspection – and both landlord and tenant can sign the report digitally.

The tenant’s signature is especially important. The tenant’s signature is statutory as it shows consent on the flaws and deficiencies noted in the moving report, as well as the refurbishment which might be at the tenant’s expenses.

Would you like more information about our digital moving out reports?

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