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How to create a moving statement

Has one of your tenants terminated their tenancy agreement? Then, as a landlord or property manager, you have to make a moving out statement. Continue reading to learn what a moving out statement is, what you need to be aware of when you make one, and where you can find a template for a moving out statement.

What is a moving out statement?

When your property has been rented out over a period of time, your tenant will owe you money in most cases.

Maybe the tenant has to pay for a part of the refurbishment, or they might not have paid all of their rent. Vice versa, the tenant may have paid too much money for water and heat which should be settled in the moving out statement.

In other words, a moving out statement is an inventory of the balance between you, as a landlord, and the tenant who is moving out of your rental property.

Using a template of a moving out statement might be a good idea as it ensures that you progress intentionally.

What are the requirements for a moving out statement?

One of the most important formal requirements for a moving out statement is that you, as a landlord, must specify the expectations of the tenant regarding refurbishment. It is not sufficient to note an amount of money that the tenant must pay for refurbishing the rental property.

Here, you need to describe and elaborate on all of the expenses, as well as the extent of the expenses. For example, if the rental property is to be painted, you have to clarify the amount of money the tenant must pay for the painters in the moving out statement. Furthermore, it is a good idea to enclose the invoice from the company who painted the rental property.

This is also applicable if, for example, the floors need to be polished, as well as any other refurbishment of the property.


The moving out statement must match the moving out report

At the moving out inspection, you should note the flaws and deficiencies of the rental property, as well as the refurbishment that is required by the former tenant. You cannot add expenses in the moving out statement which have not been mentioned at the moving inspection or the moving out report.

The expenses that are listed in the moving out statement must also be listed in the moving out report. This ensures that the former tenant knows which expenses they have regarding the refurbishment.

However, there may be special circumstances in the case of hidden flaws and deficiencies that you, as landlord, had no chance of discovering at the moving out inspection.

Where can you find a template for moving out statements?

Would you like a checklist for moving out statements to ensure that you have the right approach when you make moving out reports? We understand that, and we also know that there are many places on the internet which can provide inspiration for moving out statements.

At DomuSpect, we can help you with moving out statements in a broader sense. Our app guides you through a moving inspection step-by-step to ensure that you remember all of the important information in the moving out report. We call our app ‘digital moving reports’ as this is exactly what it is.

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