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What is a digital moving out report?

Are you the manager of one or more rental properties? In that case, you know the amount of paperwork associated with replacing tenants. Digital moving out reports makes the process both faster and easier for you.

Is ‘digital moving out inspection’ a new term for you, and does it raise a lot of questions? If so, continue reading as we will introduce you to digital moving out inspections.

So, what is a digital moving out inspection?

If you rent out one or more properties over an extended period, you will experience that a tenant terminates their tenancy at some point. In such situations, finding a new tenant is not the only task you have to handle. Replacing a tenant results in a huge amount of administrative tasks which need to be handled.

You have to conduct a moving inspection, create a moving out report, hire craftsmen, create a moving statement and create a tenancy agreement for the new tenant.

Most of these tasks can be handled digitally, and the term ‘digital moving out inspection’ is a result of this. Would you like to know how it works? If so, continue reading as we elaborate on how digital moving out inspections work in practice.

Make it easy for yourself

Moving inspections can be conducted digitally. With DomuSpect, you have all the features you need to conduct a digital moving out inspection at any kind of rental property. When you are conducting the moving inspection, you open the app and go through the checklist step-by-step.

Once you have been through all of the steps, you have finished the moving inspection. Afterwards, the app automatically creates a moving out report based on the information you typed in during the inspection. Now, the report is ready to be forwarded to the tenant, the craftsmen who handle the refurbishment, as well as any other people who might need the report.

You cannot find an easier way to conduct moving inspections. With digital moving out inspections, you can save a lot of time. Installing DomuSpect is very easy, and afterwards, using the app is also easy and simple.

Digital move outs – contact us today

Are you considering how digital moving out inspections correspond with the New Rental Act? If so, there is no need to worry as lawyers helped us develop the app, and therefore, it is plain sailing. Also in relation to the New Rental Act.

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