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How to easily create moving reports?

Do you rent out one or more properties, and has one of your tenants just terminated their tenancy agreement? Then, you have yet another task to handle. Continue reading to learn how to easily prepare moving reports. For example, you can use digital moving reports.

What is a moving report?

To ensure that we are on the same page, we will start by elaborating what a moving report is.

When a tenant moves out of a rental property, you, as a landlord, have to conduct a moving out inspection with the tenant. Based on the moving inspection, you have to create a moving out report. In the report, you specify the information about the property’s condition, as well as the refurbishment that must be done before a new tenant moves in.

The moving report provides a base for the moving out statement that you have to forward to the former tenant. Here, you specify the expenses that the tenant has to pay. For example, if it is stated in the moving report that the property is to be painted, the cost of this will be a part of the moving out report (in case the tenant is liable for refurbishment).

In fact, you cannot add expenses in the moving report when the inspection is finished. Therefore, it is a matter of paying attention and noting everything in the report.


How do you get a digital moving report checklist?

Do you see the advantage of creating digital moving reports which can easily be forwarded to the tenant and other people who might need it? If so, we have the solution for you. At DomuSpect, we have developed an app that makes it easy to conduct moving inspections and create moving reports.

When you conduct a moving inspection with a former tenant, you open the DomuSpect app. Here, you go through the checklist step-by-step, and once you are through the checklist, you have considered all of the information that your moving report should entail. If you take photos of flaws and deficiencies during the inspection, they are also included in the report.

The moving report is automatically created on the basis of the information you enter during the inspection. You can easily forward it to tenants, craftsmen or anyone else who needs it. Our template for moving reports makes it easy to conduct moving inspections and create moving reports.

Would you like more information about digital moving inspections?

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