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Managing properties with digital moving inspections

Property managers have many tasks, and therefore, it is important to have systems and procedures that ensure the legal aspects, the time you use and the economy.

DomuSpect – digital moving reports is an app developed with property managers in mind. Additionally, the app is developed in collaboration with lawyers to ensure that the legal aspects are correct.

The app can be downloaded, free of charge, for both iOS and Android, and it works offline. Furthermore, moving inspections can be prepared at your office which means that you can enter some of the data before the inspection.

Developed in collaboration with lawyers

Lawyers who work with the Danish Rental Act on a daily basis, have helped us develop DomuSpect. This provides peace of mind for both property manager, landlord and tenant. DomuSpect takes you through a checklist step-by-step which means that you remember all the conditions that should be reviewed. When finished, photos and notes are collected in a PDF report.

For example, the app considers the differences between a moving in and out inspection which means that the report is created correctly. In fact, DomuSpect is the only app that base questions on your previous steps.

Additionally, you can enroll your tenants for electricity supply.


Surprisingly affordable

In property management, cost is always important. Therefore, with DomuSpect, you only pay for the moving inspections that you actually conduct.

Our prices are very attractive, and you can cancel at any time. Furthermore, there is no start-up process where you have to pay for an introduction to the app, or for starting using the app.

The reason is: we have developed an easy and user-friendly app which can be used straight away. When you download the app, you receive two free reports which means you can try out the app before you have to make a purchase. However, we are sure that you will take a liking to DomuSpect – just like the property managers who already use the app.

Do we have an offer for property managers?

Of course! If you work as a property manager, you could easily become one of our core customers. Call us on +44 2039 361288 and we will talk about it.

We know that you might not have a surplus of time if you are a property manager. Therefore, it is important to use time-saving solutions such as DomuSpect. Multiple property managers have told us that they save between 1 and one-and-a-half hour on their moving inspections compared to their previous methods.

On our YouTube channel, you will find How to videos to get you started with the app. However, DomuSpect is very easy to use, so you might not need those videos.

Download DomuSpect for free, and receive two reports which you can use for a moving in report and a moving out report:

Super Support for busy property managers

You are always welcome to call us on +44 2039 361288, and we will help you. If you have any problems with the app, you can call us anytime. We really want to help you! The best part is that our support is free of charge – and it always will be.

What do you need support for? Fortunately, it is a rarity that errors occur in our app. However, you might have some questions, and as a property manager, it is nice to know that we are always ready to help you. We have a FAQ which can be found here where you will find tips and tricks. But, as mentioned, you are always welcome to call us.