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Which rental software is available?

Do you own multiple rental properties? If so, a rental software might be a good idea. Or do you work as a property manager?

Whether you are renting out your own properties or on behalf of others, you might find multiple benefits from using a rental software.

If you use digital solutions, your job can become easier which results in more time for other tasks. And who wouldn’t want their tasks finished as quickly and simply as possible?

All-in-one rental software

Do you manage a lot of rental properties, or is it only a few? The number of rental properties determines how beneficial rental software is for you which will be elaborated below.

You can buy access to systems that store all of the data about your rental properties, send automatic messages, handle payments and invoices, as well as many other things. 

If you only manage a few rental properties, a rental software probably will not be a beneficial investment for you economically. However, if you have many rental properties, there will undoubtedly be a lot of benefits which you, in fact, might not be able to do without.

Buy access to online tenancy agreements

Another type of rental software which might be relevant for you is that you can buy access to digital tenancy agreements. This includes the ability to sign tenancy agreements digitally, and in addition, you can store all of your documents on a secure online platform.

Rental software that handles your moving inspections digitally

Whether you have a few or a lot of rental properties, you might want to prick up your ears. DomuSpect is an app which can help anyone working with rental properties. Regardless of how many properties you rent out, you will regularly have to conduct moving inspections.

You have to conduct moving inspections every time a tenant is replaced – both a moving out inspection and a moving in inspection. This is where DomuSpect comes into play.

With DomuSpect, you can handle all your moving inspections digitally. You enter the information in the app, and when the inspection is finished, DomuSpect creates the report for you. If you want to attach photos, this can easily be done continuously during the inspection.

Buy access today

Feel free to contact us if you want to try out DomuSpect. If you upgrade to our Enterprise subscription, you get access to tenancy agreements. Additionally,you can easily integrate your data with the kind of rental software Proper offers.

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