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When a tenant moves in

As soon as a tenant moves into your rental property, you have to start preparing the moving out inspection. This is to ensure that the tenant is liable for the expenses that appear in relation to the refurbishment of the property.

1. Refurbishing the rental property

The rental property should be in a good condition from the beginning of the lease and throughout the whole period.

2. Prepare the rental property

The rental property must be cleaned, the windows must be intact, and locks with keys must be added to all exterior doors.

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3. Invite the tenant to a moving inspection

If you own more than one rental property, you must invite the tenant to a moving in inspection.

The tenant must be invited prior to the inspection to ensure that they have a chance of being present. You should invite the tenant at least 1 week prior to the inspection.

You can invite them by word of mouth or in writing. For example, over the phone, on email or text. Since you have to prove they received the invitation in case of a later dispute, we recommend you invite the tenant in writing.

4. Conduct a moving in inspection with the tenant

The moving inspection must be conducted at the time the tenant is invited to the inspection – even if the tenant does not show up. During the inspection, the condition of the rental property and its interior elements is noted. With DomuSpect, you are guided through a checklist where you can add notes and photos. This ensures that you do not forget any information.

5. Create a moving in report

When the moving in inspection has been conducted, you have to create a moving in report. With DomuSpect, the report is created automatically when you tap PDF.

According to the Danish Rental Act, you must create a moving out report when a tenant moves out. If you do not conduct a moving out inspection, the tenant might not be liable for the expenses regarding refurbishment of the property.

If you need an overview over your liabilities as a landlord, you can find it here.

6. Provide a moving in report for the tenant

After the moving in inspection, you must provide a moving in report for the tenant which can be done digitally. If you have access to the internet, you can forward the report to the tenant at the end of the inspection – if you use DomuSpect, that is. Furthermore, the tenant can verify that they received the report with a digital signature in DomuSpect.

If the tenant is not present at the inspection, or in the case that they do not want to sign the report, it should be forwarded two weeks after the inspection – at the latest. Remember that you must document that your tenant received the report..

Now, you are ready for the tenant to move in!

Source: The Danish Rental Act §9