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You enter your company information under settings, then you create a new moving inspection and choose whether it is a moving in or moving out inspection.

You start by entering information about the rental property and tenant, and if you are conducting a moving in inspection, you can enrol the tenant for electricity supply. The second step is where you enter the usage and add photos for documentation. This is also where you enter information about the keys for the rental property. At the third step, you go through the different rooms in the rental property. You choose the type of room in the upper tab and press +ADD…, and draw a simple blueprint, draw the door and the surface to the left of the door is called surface A. Then, you consider the condition of the surfaces and other elements step-by-step, and assess whether the property needs to be refurbished and whether it is at the tenant’s or landlord’s expense. You can add notes and photos as documentation, and when you have finished, tap ‘exit’ and move on to the next room. When you have inspected all of the rooms, you go on to the fourth step where you enter general comments and pictures. This is also the step where the tenant signs the report.

The moving report is continuously and automatically generated on the basis of the information you entered during the inspection. You find the PDF-report in the top tab or from the overview. 

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When you are in the overview, you always have the opportunity of tapping the PDF-symbol to the left of the moving inspections. That way, you can check the moving report which continuously and automatically is generated as a PDF based on the information you enter during the moving inspection. In the top tab you can either share, email or print the report.

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The first time you use the DomuSpect app, you’ll get a short introduction which introduces the symbols and features in the app. If you tap the question mark in the top tab, you get the introduction again or alternatively, you can find a written overview. Here, you also find the contact information for our support.

You also get a short introduction to the screen, you encounter when you create your first moving in or out inspection report.

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Tap +NEW MOVING INSPECTION and enter the tenant’s name. Ensure that you enter the name correctly as it cannot be changed afterwards. When you tap Create and Yes, you can choose between a moving in inspection or a moving out inspection.

You begin at the first step which is 1: Information which you find in the bottom tab. The date and time for the inspection will be entered automatically, but it can be changed in case you prepare the moving report beforehand. You have to enter information about the rental property, the tenant, and add a photo of the blueprint or draw a simple one in the app. Then, you are ready to start the inspection.

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To add company information, tap the cogwheel in the top of the menu and choose Company information. At the top, you can insert your own logo. Enter your contact information, company name and VAT-number.

Here, you can add one or more landlords whom you conduct moving inspections for. Enter your name and write a digital signature to verify that you are the one conducting the moving inspections.

Now, you only need to consider three more things: It is a good idea to tick off the box Save photos to camera roll which means that all of the photos you take are saved in an original version. If you tick off the next box, you get the Ability to draw and write in photos directly in the app. Only tick off the last box if you rent out business leases.

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When you get to the third tab Rooms in your moving report, you start inspecting the different rooms in the rental property. You choose the type of room – for example, hallway – in the upper tab and tap Add hallway. You can change the description of the room, and draw a simple blueprint – place the front door and name the surface to the left of the door ‘A’.

Thus, you can consider the condition of the surfaces and other elements step-by-step, and assess whether the property needs to be refurbished and whether it is at the tenant’s or landlord’s expense. You can add notes and photos as documentation, and when you have finished, tap exit and move on to the next room.

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Quick start

On your device, you open either App Store or Google Play Store and search for DomuSpect. When you have found the app, you press ‘Install’ or ‘Get’, open the app when it is downloaded and log in with either your email, Facebook or Gmail.

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In case the tenant is present for the moving inspection, you should both sign the inspection report. If you manage the rental property for someone else, you still have to sign the report.

We recommend that you go through all of the rooms together with the tenant, note the condition of the rented property, as well as take necessary photos. When you have finished, you can go through the report with the tenant. After this, you are ready to sign the moving report.

If you have filled out the company information – including your signature – correctly, DomuSpect automatically uses your signature, and you do not have to sign the reports every time you make one.

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Tap +NEW MOVING INSPECTION and enter the tenant’s name. You cannot change it later, so you need to ensure that you type the name in correctly. When you tap create and yes, you can choose whether you are conducting a moving in report or moving out report.

The first step is 1: Information which you can see in the bottom tab. The time and date for the inspection is filled out automatically, but you can change it in case you prepare the report beforehand. You enter information about the rental property, the tenant and add a photo of the blueprint, or you can draw a simple one in the app. Then, you are ready to conduct the moving inspection.

At the second step, you document the usage and keys, and the third step is about the condition of the rental property. Add the first room, for example, hallway and go through the checklist, write comments, take pictures, add or draw a blueprint. When you have finished, you are ready for the next room.

When you have documented all of the rooms, you go to the fourth step. Here, you and the tenant sign the report, and you forward the report to the tenant and yourself.

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Check out our different subscription plans. You are always welcome to contact us at +44 2039 361288 or and we will get you started.

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Yes! When you download DomuSpect – digital moving reports for the first time, you get two free reports.

This means that you can try creating a moving in report and a moving out report as there are differences between the two types of inspections, and therefore, it might be beneficial for you to try out both before an actual inspection.

If you have any questions as to how to use the app, check out our How to videos or contact us on +44 2039 361288 or

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Yes, but not in the DomuSpect app. We have a collaboration where you can get unlimited access to free, digital tenancy agreements if you have an Enterprise subscription.

As an Enterprise customer, you get:

  • Unlimited properties
  • Unlimited digital tenancy agreements
  • Unlimited digital signatures

As an Enterprise customer at DomuSpect, you get all of it.

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Yes, you can easily add more rooms. In the top tab, you choose the type of room you want to add – for example, hallway. Then, you can tap +Add hallway, and you have added a new room.

You can name the rooms in the report differently in order to make it easier to keep an overview in the PDF report. In the section ‘designation’ it says ‘Hallway’ when you add a new hallway, but this description can be changed to ‘Hall’, and the next one could be, for example, ‘Porch’. Thus, you can name any room so they fit your rental property.

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Under 3: Rooms, you tap Room in the top bar and Add room. In the section designation, you can change the name from Room to, for example, Balcony, Garden or any other description you find an appropriate name.

When you go through the checklist, you can delete any section that does not apply to that specific room. You are also able to add sections yourself, or you can change the name of existing sections. Alternatively, you can make notes or use the comment section.

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No. DomuSpect works 100% offline if that is what you need. Thus, it does not matter where you are when you conduct a moving inspection which is a great advantage.

However, when you have to send the report to the tenant, you need to be online in order for it to be sent.

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Tips & tricks

You can save high resolution photos in the camera roll on your device. If you turn on this feature under company information in the app, you should remember:

  • Transfer photos from your device to a storage media (for example, a hard drive) – and remember backup!
  • Delete photos continuously to ensure that your device does not run out of space.
  • Remember that the more photos you add to the report, the bigger the PDF-file becomes. If you have multiple photos, you MIGHT experience that you have difficulties forwarding the report as an email as some email apps have a limit for the size of attachments.
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If you have multiple old moving reports on your device, you might experience that the app works slower than usually.

Therefore, we recommend that you delete old reports continuously. Of course, ensure that you have a copy of the finished reports and the matching photos, and save them at a storage media, including backup, in case you need to use the reports. Generally, we do not save your moving reports at DomuSpect – they are solely saved on your device.

Remember that you also have the option to save photos in your camera roll. Saved photos should also be deleted continuously, or you might experience that your device runs out of space. Remember to save pictures at a storage media, and again: remember backup!

If you have an EXCLUSIVE subscription, we store the moving reports and photos you have synchronised in the cloud.

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There are certain differences between conducting a moving in report and a moving out report. Therefore, we think that you should have the possibility of trying both before you buy any cases.

In the moving out report there are multiple different options – for example, in regards to the refurbishment. For instance, you can choose between Cleaning at Tenants expense, Cleaning at Landlord’s expense or other options that are of no relevance to a moving in report.

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You decide which email you use for your account. When you create your account, you can choose whether you want to use email, Facebook or Gmail. If you choose email, you have to create a password – and remember your password. 

In case you forget your password, it can be reset the next time you log in.

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Yes. When you have created your first account, you log out of said account. Then, you can create a new account with a new email. You type in the new user’s email, choose a password and log in.

When you have created the number of accounts you need, you send the user information to your employees. Then, your employees are ready to use their new accounts which automatically have two free cases each.

We can divide your purchased cases between your employees if you contact us. But note that it is important to contact us before you buy the cases.

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Yes, you can create and prepare reports at your office which means that you have less data to enter during the inspection. However, generally, you should be aware that you need to use the same device at the inspection.

Our EXCLUSIVE subscription allows you to work across different devices as you can synchronise data and photos by tapping the sky in the top tab. This means that you can create a moving inspection with one device and conduct the inspection with another device. Naturally, you have to login with the same user on both devices.

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No. Domuspect – digital moving reports is only available for iOS and Android devices. But we are working on a webadmin that will allow you to edit and create reports from a PC or MAC.

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No, you have to finish the report at the inspection, and you are not allowed to change it afterwards once you and the tenant has signed the moving in / out report.

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No, this is not a possibility yet. However, it is a part of our road map and will probably be a part of a future update of the app.

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No, but in Denmark, we have a collaboration with Proper. Check them out at

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In Denmark, you can easily enrol your tenants for electricity supply via the DomuSpect app. We are collaborating with SEF which means you can enrol your tenant for electricity supply while you conduct the moving in inspection. If the tenant does not enrol themselves for electricity supply, you are liable for the electricity bill as landlord.

Under the tab 1: Information, you enter information into all of the boxes that are marked with an asterisk (*), and when the tenant has signed, you tap View and send registration for electricity supply. Then, you have authorisation to enrol the tenant for electricity supply. At the top tab you tap Send to electricity supply in the upper right corner – and the enrolment is sent! Neither you nor the tenant needs to do anything else.

The authorisation can be shared with the tenant through the other features at the top tab.

Currently this feature is not available in outside of Denmark – check back for updates as we are constantly working on new partnerships outside of Denmark.

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No, you have to contact your local utility company.

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In principle, you can change the report after the tenant has signed. However, we strongly advise against it as it can be considered tampering with documents – in the worst case scenario.

When you and the tenant have signed the report, you should forward the report to the tenant and office at once. Thus, this report is the one you should use for documentation and filing.

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In 2016, when we developed DomuSpect – digital moving reports, the tenant had to sign for three different legal purposes. First, they had to sign the moving report. Second, they had to sign to confirm that they wanted to receive the report in an email, and third, they had to sign to confirm that they had received the report.

Since, the legislation has been relaxed and from 1 January 2019 it has been legally allowed that tenants receive their moving reports via email. However, on recommendation from our legal counsellors, we have decided that tenants still have to confirm that they want to receive the report in an email to provide a certain degree of safety for you.

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No. Our legal counsellors recommend that you always create a new report. But when you create a new report, you can reuse the relevant data from the moving in inspection by entering it manually.

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Maybe you have forgotten to turn Dark Mode off? With the iOS13 update, the new feature Dark Mode ensures that your device automatically goes into Dark Mode when it is dark.

Dark Mode is supposed to conserve the battery life and provide less harsh display brightness. However, many apps are affected by this feature and therefore, it might be necessary to turn the feature off.

How to turn off Dark Mode:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ – press the cogwheel on your entry screen.
  2. Scroll down until you reach ‘Display & Brightness’
  3. Change from ‘Dark’ to ‘Light’.
  4. You can, for example, disable ‘Automatic’.

If you are using the DomuSpect app at night, and it does not work, you might have Dark Mode switched on. You will probably see some sections that are white, some that are black, and some may even be yellow. A lot of the sections might appear to be gone, or as if you are not able to type in any information in them. However, all of the sections are there, but it can be described as an optical illusion which means that what is light becomes dark and vice versa. Therefore, this feature can be tricky as a lot of apps might appear to not work properly.

So, in case your screen looks weird, Dark Mode is often the reason. If you think the screen has a wrong colour after updating your device, Dark Mode is usually the problem.

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If you are a customer at DomuSpect and at our partner Proper, you can have your moving reports saved in a digital folder at Proper automatically. 

The only thing you have to do is send the moving report to Proper at, and it will be handled automatically. This is very easy for you as a landlord.

You can cc when you forward the report to the tenant, or you send it to afterwards. 

It is easy to manage flats and houses with Domuspect.

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