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Quick start

On your device, you open either App Store or Google Play Store and search for DomuSpect. When you have found the app, you press ‘Install’ or ‘Get’, open the app when it is downloaded and log in with either your email, Facebook or Gmail.

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In case the tenant is present for the moving inspection, you should both sign the inspection report. If you manage the rental property for someone else, you still have to sign the report.

We recommend that you go through all of the rooms together with the tenant, note the condition of the rented property, as well as take necessary photos. When you have finished, you can go through the report with the tenant. After this, you are ready to sign the moving report.

If you have filled out the company information – including your signature – correctly, DomuSpect automatically uses your signature, and you do not have to sign the reports every time you make one.

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Tap +NEW MOVING INSPECTION and enter the tenant’s name. You cannot change it later, so you need to ensure that you type the name in correctly. When you tap create and yes, you can choose whether you are conducting a moving in report or moving out report.

The first step is 1: Information which you can see in the bottom tab. The time and date for the inspection is filled out automatically, but you can change it in case you prepare the report beforehand. You enter information about the rental property, the tenant and add a photo of the blueprint, or you can draw a simple one in the app. Then, you are ready to conduct the moving inspection.

At the second step, you document the usage and keys, and the third step is about the condition of the rental property. Add the first room, for example, hallway and go through the checklist, write comments, take pictures, add or draw a blueprint. When you have finished, you are ready for the next room.

When you have documented all of the rooms, you go to the fourth step. Here, you and the tenant sign the report, and you forward the report to the tenant and yourself.

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Check out our different subscription plans. You are always welcome to contact us at +44 2039 361288 or and we will get you started.

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Yes! When you download DomuSpect – digital moving reports for the first time, you get two free reports.

This means that you can try creating a moving in report and a moving out report as there are differences between the two types of inspections, and therefore, it might be beneficial for you to try out both before an actual inspection.

If you have any questions as to how to use the app, check out our How to videos or contact us on +44 2039 361288 or

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Yes, but not in the DomuSpect app. We have a collaboration where you can get unlimited access to free, digital tenancy agreements if you have an Enterprise subscription.

As an Enterprise customer, you get:

  • Unlimited properties
  • Unlimited digital tenancy agreements
  • Unlimited digital signatures

As an Enterprise customer at DomuSpect, you get all of it.

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Yes, you can easily add more rooms. In the top tab, you choose the type of room you want to add – for example, hallway. Then, you can tap +Add hallway, and you have added a new room.

You can name the rooms in the report differently in order to make it easier to keep an overview in the PDF report. In the section ‘designation’ it says ‘Hallway’ when you add a new hallway, but this description can be changed to ‘Hall’, and the next one could be, for example, ‘Porch’. Thus, you can name any room so they fit your rental property.

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Under 3: Rooms, you tap Room in the top bar and Add room. In the section designation, you can change the name from Room to, for example, Balcony, Garden or any other description you find an appropriate name.

When you go through the checklist, you can delete any section that does not apply to that specific room. You are also able to add sections yourself, or you can change the name of existing sections. Alternatively, you can make notes or use the comment section.

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No. DomuSpect works 100% offline if that is what you need. Thus, it does not matter where you are when you conduct a moving inspection which is a great advantage.

However, when you have to send the report to the tenant, you need to be online in order for it to be sent.

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