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Terms of service

Read about our terms and conditions regarding purchase and delivery of our products.

These terms of service apply to purchases of monthly subscriptions, yearly subscriptions and transferred cases from IOspect ApS. If you make any in-app purchases, that is, purchases through our app, you have to check Apple’s or Google’s terms of service regarding App Store and Google Play Store.

IOspect ApS delivers a digital service where your access to features depends on the subscription you choose.

Contact and company information

IOspect ApS
Aylesbury House – 17-18 Aylesbury Street
London, EC1R 0DB – England
Phone: +44 2039 361288

Call us between 07:00 – 15:00 (BT) during work days.


You can pay with credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.


When we have received your payment, your subscription will be activated, and you get access to the features in the app.

Your license may only be used by you and your company, and you are not allowed to share information with any 3rd parties. Access to our app is equated with access to a licensed software.


All of the content is owned by IOspect ApS, and you are not allowed to copy or distribute it without written permission. Copying any content results in a claim for compensation with a maximum penalty.


You have access to the app in the number of months that you have subscribed. In general, your subscription will be renewed automatically, but you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time.


You have no right of withdrawal on your subscription, but the subscription is non-binding which means you can cancel your subscription at any time prior to the next renewal. Of course, we offer two years right of complaint in accordance with the Danish legislation.


The Purchase Act’s defect rules apply.

When you buy any of our products, you have a 24 month right of complaint. Of course, the complaint must be legitimate, and the defect should not be a result of wrongful usage of the product, or any other tortious behaviour. Please state the problem with as much detail as possible.

Any complaints about defects in the software products must be made within a reasonable time limit after the Buyer has or should have discovered the defect. Two months is a reasonable time. Otherwise, the Buyer loses his right to invoke the defect.

Please indicate and, on request, show what the defect consists of – normally, we would want a screenshot, or the like, of the defect which can clarify what the defect consists of. We may refuse a complaint if the Buyer does not cooperate, or provide incomplete information about the product’s defects.

News on email

As a part of your subscription, we will send you news on email, approximately eight times a year, which consist of the most relevant information from ourselves and the industry. You can always unsubscribe from this service. Furthermore, you will receive emails about important updates and changes which affects the way you use our apps.

Changes to our terms and conditions

We reserve the right to change and update the terms and conditions that apply to this website. Therefore, it is important that you keep up to date with any changes.


You receive your license within 24 hours during the weekdays. In some cases, when you subscribe on weekends or public holidays, the expedition might not take place until the next working day.