Can I enroll my tenant for electricity supply?

In Denmark, you can easily enrol your tenants for electricity supply via the DomuSpect app. We are collaborating with NRGi which means you can enrol your tenant for electricity supply while you conduct the moving in inspection. If the tenant does not enrol themselves for electricity supply, you are liable for the electricity bill as landlord.

Under the tab 1: Information, you enter information into all of the boxes that are marked with an asterisk (*), and when the tenant has signed, you tap View and send registration for electricity supply. Then, you have authorisation to enrol the tenant for electricity supply. At the top tab you tap Send to electricity supply in the upper right corner – and the enrolment is sent! Neither you nor the tenant needs to do anything else.

The authorisation can be shared with the tenant through the other features at the top tab.

Currently this feature is not available in outside of Denmark – check back for updates as we are constantly working on new partnerships outside of Denmark.

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