Does DomuSpect crash?

If you experience that DomuSpect crashes, you should check the following steps:

How many apps are open on your device?
Double-tap the ‘home’-button (iOS) or tap your Android device to see how many apps you have opened. To secure the best performance and stability, we recommend that you do not have a lot of other apps opened. Try closing the other apps and see if the problem is fixed.

Did you just update DomuSpect or the operating system on your device?
Try restarting your device – sometimes iPads/iPhones and Androids might ‘have the blues’ after an update.

Do you have a lot of old files stored in the app?
Delete some of your old reports – especially those including several photos. Of course, be sure that you have a copy of the report and the matching photos on, for example, a hard drive to ensure that you have the documentation if needed. Generally, we do not save your moving reports at DomuSpect – your reports are only saved on your device.

Check your iOS and Android version? Did you update your iPad/iPhone/Android device?
It is a good idea to update your device to the newest version of iOS as they are more stable than new versions.

Did you just update DomuSpect or your device, but were interrupted by, for example, a network error or other reasons?
Sometimes updates do not proceed as they should which can be caused by many reasons which we cannot do anything about. Thus, the error can be caused by your device, network errors or other reasons. In this case, you must uninstall and reinstall DomuSpect. However, remember that your old cases disappear if you delete and reinstall the app. Therefore, it is important to save your files on, for instance, a hard drive. This ensures that you can find the report if you need the documentation. Generally, we do not save your reports at DomuSpect which means that your reports are only saved on your device.

If you have unused reports bought via App Store or Google Play Store, these will not be affected by the reinstallation. Don’t worry: you will not lose your unused cases.

If you have an EXCLUSIVE subscription, we store the moving reports and photos you have synchronised with the cloud.

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