How do I create my first moving inspection?

Tap +NEW MOVING INSPECTION and enter the tenant’s name. You cannot change it later, so you need to ensure that you type the name in correctly. When you tap create and yes, you can choose whether you are conducting a moving in report or moving out report.

The first step is 1: Information which you can see in the bottom tab. The time and date for the inspection is filled out automatically, but you can change it in case you prepare the report beforehand. You enter information about the rental property, the tenant and add a photo of the blueprint, or you can draw a simple one in the app. Then, you are ready to conduct the moving inspection.

At the second step, you document the usage and keys, and the third step is about the condition of the rental property. Add the first room, for example, hallway and go through the checklist, write comments, take pictures, add or draw a blueprint. When you have finished, you are ready for the next room.

When you have documented all of the rooms, you go to the fourth step. Here, you and the tenant sign the report, and you forward the report to the tenant and yourself.

Category: Quick start