This is how DomuSpect – digital moving reports works

You enter your company information under settings, then you create a new moving inspection and choose whether it is a moving in or moving out inspection.

You start by entering information about the rental property and tenant, and if you are conducting a moving in inspection, you can enrol the tenant for electricity supply. The second step is where you enter the usage and add photos for documentation. This is also where you enter information about the keys for the rental property. At the third step, you go through the different rooms in the rental property. You choose the type of room in the upper tab and press +ADD…, and draw a simple blueprint, draw the door and the surface to the left of the door is called surface A. Then, you consider the condition of the surfaces and other elements step-by-step, and assess whether the property needs to be refurbished and whether it is at the tenant’s or landlord’s expense. You can add notes and photos as documentation, and when you have finished, tap ‘exit’ and move on to the next room. When you have inspected all of the rooms, you go on to the fourth step where you enter general comments and pictures. This is also the step where the tenant signs the report.

The moving report is continuously and automatically generated on the basis of the information you entered during the inspection. You find the PDF-report in the top tab or from the overview. 

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