Where are my moving reports saved?

At DomuSpect, we do not save any of your moving reports which means that your moving reports are only stored on your device. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you continuously save the moving reports and matching photos on a storage device, and remember to create a backup as well.

In the hamburger menu, you will find a slide menu where you can choose between DEVICE and CLOUD.

If you use the storage on your device, moving reports will only be saved on your device.

With an EXCLUSIVE subscription, you have access to storage in the cloud. If you choose to create a moving report using the cloud storage, the moving report is automatically saved in the cloud.

Moving reports can be manually uploaded from your device to the cloud, and likewise, you can download moving reports from the cloud and onto your device.

When you are in the overview, swipe the report you want to upload to or download from the cloud to the right. Here, you can choose between UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD.

Moving reports are either saved on your device or in the cloud, and therefore, you have to choose between DEVICE or CLOUD in your slide menu which you find in the hamburger menu.

When you choose SELECT in the hamburger menu, you can select multiple reports and either upload them or download them simultaneously. This is done by tapping the cloud icon at the bottom of the screen.

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