Why is the screen black when I enter the DomuSpect app?

Maybe you have forgotten to turn Dark Mode off? With the iOS13 update, the new feature Dark Mode ensures that your device automatically goes into Dark Mode when it is dark.

Dark Mode is supposed to conserve the battery life and provide less harsh display brightness. However, many apps are affected by this feature and therefore, it might be necessary to turn the feature off.

How to turn off Dark Mode:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ – press the cogwheel on your entry screen.
  2. Scroll down until you reach ‘Display & Brightness’
  3. Change from ‘Dark’ to ‘Light’.
  4. You can, for example, disable ‘Automatic’.

If you are using the DomuSpect app at night, and it does not work, you might have Dark Mode switched on. You will probably see some sections that are white, some that are black, and some may even be yellow. A lot of the sections might appear to be gone, or as if you are not able to type in any information in them. However, all of the sections are there, but it can be described as an optical illusion which means that what is light becomes dark and vice versa. Therefore, this feature can be tricky as a lot of apps might appear to not work properly.

So, in case your screen looks weird, Dark Mode is often the reason. If you think the screen has a wrong colour after updating your device, Dark Mode is usually the problem.

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