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What a summer! What a year!

At the beginning of 2020, we gradually started building DomuSpect version 4.0, and DomuSpect was being built on a new platform – a cross-platform. An app built on a cross-platform works on multiple platforms, and in our case, this means both Android and Apple devices. Building the app on a cross-platform was a huge and time-consuming task, but it will be very advantageous in the future!

The first DomuSpect app was built in two different versions – one for Android devices and one for Apple devices. Thus, every time an update or improvement was made, large or small, it had to be made on both platforms. This process was both time-consuming and expensive, and our hope for the new app was to optimise that process.

The two platforms were demolished, and our skilled developer Jonas Lykke – the young man in the picture – started building the app from scratch on the cross-platform. Naturally, we have all of the experience from the previous two versions in mind!

Then the corona virus spread! Need we say more?

Therefore, we have worked hard – in particular, our developer – and just in time for the summer holidays, we succeeded! The brand new DomuSpect 4.0 was released! This is our biggest update so far, and we, and our developer, have been working intensely for so long! We can proudly present the app, and after some teething troubles, the app is fortunately on its way to become an “adult”.

With DomuSpect version 4.0, we also decided to expand to the English market. Luckily, DomuSpect has been received very well! In Germany, there is a need for our digital moving inspections, and as a result, we are looking at the possibilities of expanding even further. So, DomuSpect, and us, are expanding! Here we come! Hier kommen wir!

This handsome, young man is our talented developer Jonas Lykke – with DomuSpect 4.0 finished.