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Photo documentation

DomuSpect needs allowance to access your camera roll. Thus, the first time you use the feature of taking a photo, you will be asked whether DomuSpect is allowed to access your camera roll – press OK/Yes. If you, by accident, press no, you can change it in your device’s settings. Based on your device, you can either change it in the camera settings or private settings.
Yes. When you tap the camera icon during the inspection of a room, you can choose a photo from your camera roll or take photos via the app.
When you conduct a moving inspection, you can document the condition of the property by using photo documentation. For example, if there is some kind of damage, you can describe it and attach a photo of the damage. Thereby, everyone involved can see the damage and its extent. Furthermore, it can be used to document that everything is new and clean in newly-built houses.
Yes and no. You can attach as many photos in your moving reports as you please. However, you should be aware that the more photos you attach, the heavier and longer the report becomes. This might affect whether you can send the report as an email or not. Some email apps, such as Apple’s, have a limit for the size of attachments. If your preferred email app has a limit, you can try another one. Alternatively, you can share reports through Google Drive, Dropbox or the like which allows you to download the report when you are back at your office. Unfortunately, we are not able to change Apple’s limit of 15mb.
The resolution on the photos in the report is a compromise between representing the conditions best possibly without making the PDF-file too heavy to forward as an email. In Company information you can choose whether to save photos to camera roll or not. This feature enables you to save all your photos as high resolution photos in the camera roll. Remember to save copies of your photos on a hard drive and delete them continuously on your device to ensure that it does not run out of space. Generally, we do not save either moving reports or photos at DomuSpect. Your moving reports are solely saved on your device. If you have an EXCLUSIVE subscription we save the reports and photos you have synchronised in the cloud.
You are probably trying to attach more than one photo in the blueprint section which you cannot. You can only add one blueprint. Instead, you have to add photos when you unfold the surfaces of the room. This means that the photos will be placed in accordance with the surfaces they belong to.